CONSIGNORS - Please read all consignor info before signing up to consign even if you have consigned with us before.  We have a few new changes that are very important!  After you have paid your consignor fee with paypal, be sure to click on the link "return to Cozy Tots LLC" to get your consignor number.


1. Unlike consignment stores, you set the price for your item.
2. You get 65% of the selling price.
3. You get to shop before we open to the public.
4. We do all the selling - all items are neatly arranged, all clothes are hung on racks,  makes it easy for the buyers to get the things they want. 
5. You do not have to be there for the sale.

6. All your unsold items will be grouped for you at the end of the sale for easy pick-up.
7. We do all the marketing - we are a well-advertised sale.
8. You don't have to have your own yard sale.

Consignor Info

Drop Off Date:
Wednesday August 14, 3:30-9PM.    

  Volunteer Sale
Thursday August 15, Super Volunteers 4:30-9:30pm, Regular 5:00pm - 9:30pm
(volunteer and shop FIRST
click here for more volunteer info

Exclusive Consignor Sale
Thursday August 15, 7:00-9:30pm
open to consignors only, must have a pass to enter
click here if you would like to consign

Public Sale Date
Friday August 16 from 3:00pm - 9:00pm

Saturday, August 17 from 8:00am - noon

(Saturday -most items 50% off)

Pick Up
Saturday August 17 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm

All items must be entered into your inventory online by 11:59 pm on Tuesday August 13, 2019

You will not be able to make any changes to your inventory after this time.  There is a limit of 250 items. If you use Mac computers or iOS devices DO NOT use Firefox for printing tags. Chrome would be recommended. Make sure the information printed under the barcode matched the information on the upper part of the tag.

What To Bring:


Items we Do Not Accept:

Used breast pumps, Stuffed Animals

Vhs videotapes or cassette tapes

Maternity clothing

Sleeping bags


Comforters, quilts, bumpers (any bedding that has filling or batting in between layers)

Drop side cribs See for more information

Items in poor condition, missing or broken parts, clothing that is stained or shows excessive wear

Car seats that have been involved in a car accident or have passed their expiration date

Recalled items It is the consignor's responsibility to check whether toys and equipment have been recalled before bringing them to the sale. You can do that by going to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website at and going to Recalls and Product Safety News to search their records to see if your items have been recalled.  

Tagging Instructions:

What is the ONLINE TAGGING SYSTEM?  Our online tagging system allows each registered consignor to inventory all of their items. Each consignor inputs all of their item information, such as gender, size, description, price, donate, and discount all online and then is able to print out all of their tags. All consignors need to sign up for our online tagging system. Your consignor number will be assigned by the online tagging system. You will need to set up a password to access your account on the online system. All items MUST be entered into the system. Please make a note of the deadline, you will not be able to make any changes to your inventory after the deadline.

1. First, arrange your clothing items in order by gender and size.

2. Register to be consignor, you will be charged a $12 non-refundable consignor fee. Login to our online tagging system use your seller/consignor number and password.  If you do not show up to consign, you will not be able to get your consignor fee back.  Consignor fee is non-refundable.

3. Click "Work With My Consigned Items"

4. Start entering your items:
a. Select category

b. Select size

c. Enter the description of the item. Be descriptive. It will help your item sell

d. Enter price - Must be in $.50 increments. As a general rule, price your items at 1/4 of the original retail price.  If an item is like new and name-brand, you can price it higher.  If an item has been well loved and not name-brand, it should be priced on the lower end.  Also, if you are looking to not have to take anything home at the end of the sale, price your items to sell.   Best to ask yourself, "What would I expect to pay for this item?"  Price it no more than what you would be willing to pay.

e. Select Discount- Check the discount box if you want your item to be sold at half price during the half price sale. If the box is not checked your item will not be sold at half-price and may miss its chance of being sold.

f. Select Donate - Check the donate box if you want your unsold items donated. All items with tags selected for donate, will be donated.  NOTE: All items must be picked up or they will be donated to a charity, regardless of what you indicated on the bar-coded tag.

g. Click the "Submit Item" button. Now all your information is entered into the online tagging system!

5. When you are ready to print your tags: Select one of the 'Print Tags' options from our online tagging system. Please use only cardstock. Printing should be high contrast (dark print on white/light colored paper) and clear. If the printing isn't clear, try cleaning your printers head. 

If you don't have access to a printer which will print on cardstock then after printing on paper please staple your paper tags to index cards or cardstock.  Also, EXTREMELY important, make sure the back of the tag is blank.  If you print tags on both sides of the paper we have no way of knowing which item actually sold.  Please remember to clean your printer heads and have adequate ink in your printer.  If your tags print faintly they will not scan.  Finally, please make sure you are printing your tags full size, or 6 tags to a page, smaller tags do not scan and are also difficult for some of our elderly shoppers to read.

If you have any questions please contact us at If the tags do not pop up in a new window, try turning off any popup blocker you may have running. If you are using Firefox, please print your tags using Internet Explorer. There are printing issues with our tags when printing from Firefox.

6. You are ready to attach tags to your items! NOTE: Tags may NOT have handwritten changes on price, discount, or donate. Make a new tag if you make a mistake or change your mind about a price or item description. You will NOT be able to make any changes to your tags once they are checked in to the sale. Changes made by hand will NOT be accepted at check-out lanes.

7. Cut your printed tags. PLEASE DO NOT TAPE OVER BARCODES

8. Clothing: attach it with a safety pin (no straight pins) to the upper left corner of the garment as shown in the picture. It helps to make a single hole punch in tag first before attaching. Please no paper tags. All clothing with the exception of onesies and other small items must be hung up on hangers. Hangers you brought will not be returned at the end of the sale. Old Navy and some dry cleaners will give away hangers if they have extras available.  

9. Shoes: Please place shoes in a ziploc bag and tape the bag shut with the tag inside the bag. Only shoes in like-new condition seem to sell so please keep this in mind. Shoes MUST be inside clear bags, with the tag inside the bag TAPED SHUT, no shoe boxes please.

10. Toys: Toys should include ALL parts and be in full working condition. Any small or loose parts can be packaged in a zip-top bag. Attach the bag to the main item with packing tape. If a toy requires batteries to operate, they must be included to insure the buyer the item works. (Toys without working batteries will be removed from the sales floor and returned to you.) Attach tag to the item using packing tape, zip ties or string. Make sure tag is secure. We will NOT be able to sell any item without a tag. Puzzles are easily packaged by wrapping in plastic wrap and then sealing with packing tape on the back.

11. Loose Articles: Bibs, bottles, barrettes and bows, sippy cups, smaller toys, etc. must be in clear Ziploc bags with tag taped on the outside of the bag.

12. Books: Attach tag to the front of the book with tape. Multiple items can be placed in a ziptop bag with tag attached to the front with tape.

13. DVDs: Make sure that DVDs are in working condition and inside the correct case. Attach tag to the back cover of the DVD with tape. Multiple items can be placed in a zip-top bag with tag attached to the front with tape.

14. Large Items - Infant equipment, large outdoor toys, etc . . . Attach the tag using packing tape, or zip ties . Attach a small piece of tape on the bottom of the item with your consignor number and selling price. If the tag is lost/missing, we will still know who the item belongs to.

15. Set items (items w/many parts) - Please include all important information regarding sets being sold (ex. 5 piece infant set includes: lamp, dust ruffle, sheet, rug, and diaper stacker). The more information you give the buyer, the better the chance your item will sell. Attach the tag to the outside of bag with tape or zip tie. Be sure the tag is secure.  If your item contains more than one part/piece, please describe all pieces/ parts on the main barcode tag with the number of parts the item contains.  Example: Travel Stroller System.  On the barcode tag, put in Graco Travel Stroller System, carseat, carseat base and stroller 3 parts.  Attach this tag onto the stroller.  On the base, put a tag that includes your consignor number and 1of 3, on the carseat, 2 of 3, and on the stroller 3 of 3, etc.  This will keep all your pieces together. 


Please do not attach more than one barcode price tag per item.  Each item needs a unique barcode.  Please be as descriptive as possible when entering your items.  This helps us match your item if your tag comes off during the sale.  Please attach your tag as securely as possible.  When using zip ties, you will need to put packing tape onto the tag first to keep the tag from ripping off of the zip ties.  Items in ziploc bags need to be taped up.  Games, puzzles, boxed items also need to be taped up, this will cause less of a chance that parts of the game will fall out.    We do not recommend using tagging guns.  For large items (both in size and price) please attach a small piece of tape on the bottom of the item with your consignor number and selling price.  If you have a large toy that comes with small parts, please put all small parts into a ziploc bag and securely tape the bag onto the large toy.  Sometimes using an open top box with clear plastic wrap can work for toys with lots of parts.  If you have a small item, you may tape the item onto a larger piece of cardboard and then put it in a clear bag (example: leappad cartridge taped to a 8x8 piece of card board then put in a ziploc bag taped shut). 

All items must be tagged using the tagging system before dropping off. We cannot accept any last minute items during drop off.

Please understand that there is risk involved when selling your items at consignment sales.  We do our best to prevent items from being stolen or damaged and are not responsible if these events happen. 

Drop off and pick up info:

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