How do I become a consignor: If you would like to become a consignor, please sign up for our online tagging system

What do consignors receive? Consignors receive 65% of the selling price for their items

Is there a consignor fee? There is a $12.00 non-refundable consignor fee due at the time of registration

What can I bring? You may sell just about everything that is baby, child, related that is in clean, complete and working condition.  Please go to consignor info full details.

Is there a limit to the number of items I may bring?  Yes, there 75 hanging clothing limit, please pick your best 75 clothing.  You may bring a total of 250 items, including your clothing items.

Do all clothing have to be on hangers? Yes.  All clothes must be on hangers.  Onesies may be grouped together and put in a ziplock bag.

How do I tag my items?Please refer to consignor info for full details.  It is important you follow instruction in order to make the sale efficient and accurate.

What do I price my items?As a general rule, price your items at 1/4 of the original retail price.  If an item is like new and name-brand, you can price it higher.  If an item has been well loved and not name-brand, it should be priced on the lower end.  Also, if you are looking to not have to take anything home at the end of the sale, price your items to sell.   Best to ask yourself, what would I expect to pay for this item?  Price it no more than what you would be willing to pay.  Please price items in $.50 increments (I.e. $.50, $1.00, $1.50, etc.)

What happens if I don't pick-up my unsold items? All items that are not picked up by the designated pick-up time will become property of Cozy Tots and donated.

Can I have a friend pick-up and/or drop off my items? Yes, friends can drop off and /or pick up your items.  When dropping off, they will need your consignor number, phone number and email to check you in and they are responsible for distributing the items around the sales floor.  It is important that you put your items in the proper place, this helps sell your items.

When will I get my check? Checks will be mailed 2 weeks after the sale

Can I bring a stroller or a wagon to the sale?   No

Is there an entrance fee? No

What will you have at the sale? Just about everything children related.  Each sale is different and we do not know what items will be offered until the time of the sale.

What methods of payment will you accept? We only accept CASH.

How can I shop early? Volunteers get to shop before consignors and the public.  Please go to volunteer info,

Can I bring my children to the sale? While children are allowed at the sale, we encourage shoppers to come without them as the sale will be crowded.  If you do bring them please keep them at your sides at all times.  Please do not allow them to play with the toys or equipment unless you plan on purchasing them.

Will you have brand new items or just used items? We do get some new items, with their tags still attached.

Will you still have the sale if it rains or snows? The sale will go on regretless of the weather.  The sale is indoors.

How come identical items are priced differently? Each consignor prices their own items.

Can I return an item? No, all sales are final.

How often do you have these sales? Twice a year, typically spring/summer sale is in March and fall/winter sale is at the end of Aug.

Do I have to be a consignor to volunteer? No, anyone can volunteer

May I bring my children during my volunteer shift? No, it will be difficult for you to work and watch the little ones at the same time 

What happens if I don't show up for the volunteer shift I signed up?  We count on our volunteers to make our sale a success.  If you know you cannot fulfill your shift, please let us know as soon as possible. Any volunteers who does not fullfill their shift can choose to work two shifts at the next sale if they want to volunteer.

Can I sign up for more than one shift?  Yes, if you volunteer for two shifts, you may bring a friend to the volunteer sale.

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